What is magIQ ?

Explore images

magIQ opens 315+ image formats,

browses through every available magnification level and all regions of an image

without missing a thing.

Grade images

magIQ analyzes images with multiple parameters and provides normalized numerical scores:

Sample detection, focus, hue, saturation, brightness, etc.

magIQ outputs a quality heatmap along with a JSON report collecting all the computed scores.

magIQ doesn’t use gold standard comparison.

magIQ doesn’t update its quality scores with your datasets.

magIQ scores are there to stay.

Sort images

After analyzing your images, magIQ sorts them into three categories:

Keep / Review / Rescan

You choose the thresholds for these categories:

Shaky webcams usually require lower quality thresholds than photoshoots.

H&E pathology slides usually require higher quality thresholds than IHC’s.

85% of images are thus automatically accepted or discarded.

Who needs magIQ ?


















Cultural Heritage


Document Management Systems


Industrial Image Processing




Content Delivery Networks


Cloud Storage



who relies on image quality and needs to sort images.

magIQ for Pathology

Solutions for Digital Pathology Workflows

Pathology image acquisition and visualization are constantly improving.

However, studies show that around 10% of images must be reacquired at least once and image quality is – to this day – still assessed visually by a specialist.

magIQ automatically analyzes images with unique speed and precision, for continuous improvement in image quality and quality of care.

Create better images

Automatically notify the agent when to reacquire an image (not 48 hours after it has been received and read by a specialist).

Automatically and instantly notify the acquisition device to reacquire an image, in full or in part, while it is still being acquired.

Store better images

Images are often heterogeneous, of different nature, acquired from different devices. However diverse, magIQ helps you review your entire image set to only keep the images you need.

Analyze better images

AI has become an essential companion to professional imagery.

magIQ helps image analysis software concentrate on what they should be analyzing.

This means getting faster to the decision part.

Share better images

magIQ’s automatic quality control also means faster and more efficient image streaming or transfer.

What makes it magIQ

Any Kind of Image

315+ formats, read through imaging libraries (opencv, openslide, dicom, etc.), or served through image tile servers (bioformats, google maps, etc.)

Lightning Fast Analysis

3 billion pixels analyzed per core per minute.

Images are analyzed faster than a new one is created.


Precise Analysis

Celebrating 10 years of research in the field, our R&D is verified by pathologists and imagery specialists.

Our technology uses patent pending algorithms.

Reliable Analysis

Our grading is continuous and reproducible. Images of different kinds can be sorted as easily as similar ones.

Profiling helps you refine the analysis and choose specific thresholds for a specific set of images.

Any Kind of Workflow

Low memory footprint. Low CPU requirements.

Works on the tiniest computers up to 1000+ core clusters, on small and large structures.

Interoperable with existing workflows (importing image and context, exporting JSON results and PNG image heatmaps).

Ease of Use and Installation

Linux, Windows, macOS.

Command Line or Graphical User Interface.

Containerized (Docker, Singularity, etc.).

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